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David Tadman, CPA, CA - Partner

David understands that relationships are an integral part of success and thrives on becoming entwined in each client’s individual journey. His expertise lies in providing proactive advisory to help business owners in various industries achieve their business and personal goals. As an entrepreneur himself, David has a thorough understanding of the intricacies involved in growing a company. From identifying the gaps that clients often overlook to implementing each element, he aspires to guide clients through various “aha!” moments and ways of looking at their businesses differently.

Born and raised in Ontario, David moved to Calgary in 1993 and has never looked back (other than for his love of the Toronto Maple Leafs, but don’t hold it against him). After obtaining a Bachelor of Commerce degree, he spent seven years at a national CA firm followed by two years working with research and development companies to obtain tax credits, fund technological advances, and grow their businesses. In between spending time with his wife and two active children, and his love of music and live concerts (he’s seen almost 400), David volunteers with the Kids Cancer Care Foundation of Alberta and acts as a member of his local chapter of the Entrepreneur’s Organization. He believes that work-life balance means eliminating the line between professional and personal life, and pursuing passions throughout both. He aims to help bring this balance to his clients’ lives too.

David on our core business principles:

What does it mean to bring impact?

It means moving that big rock in front of your client across the field, by chipping away at it until you witness a change in how they act and their attitude, and see a smile on their face. It’s very rewarding to see the positive changes clients make with their team, their business, and their family.

How do your five pillars (financial, planning, structure, culture, and leadership) help your clients?

Our five pillar approach helps you make decisions that drive your business as a whole rather than just the individual parts. It’s a holistic approach where clients discover opportunities they may not know even existed.

How important are clarity, confidence and control to your clients?

Our process allows clients to take a step back. We provide them with options and show them what the next step looks like in clear, defined ways. Once they see what they need to do and understand how to implement it, they build confidence that carries over into their leadership and communication style. It allows them to keep a finger on the pulse of the business at all times.