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Graham Thiessen, CPA, CA - Partner

Graham brings a new wave of innovation and fresh ideas to the traditional model of financial advisory. He is always looking for ways to make reporting and compliance more valuable, and to show his clients that they have someone on their side. He acts as a sounding board for his clients and enjoys asking the kinds of questions that show them a different way to look at their businesses. His driving purpose is to make a positive difference in the lives of others through relationships and service, and to that end, he looks at accounting as a tool to connect with people.

Originally from Saskatchewan, Graham’s accounting career has brought him to the Cayman Islands in 2008, then on to Calgary in 2011. Having worked as an auditor, a partner, and even having managed his own firm, he brings a unique experience and perspective to the team. When he’s not at the office or spending time with his family, he’s volunteering on several non-profit boards.

Graham on our core business principles:

What does it mean to bring impact?

When a client or their spouse notices that we’ve made a change in their lives, I know we’ve made an impact.  Bringing impact is when you reach a certain connection with your clients when they come to you with questions about their business and there is a trust that we will work through these things together.

How do your five pillars (financial, planning, structure, culture, and leadership) help your clients?

The simple act of thinking about the pillars can be helpful to clients.  Having owned my own business, I know how hard it is to get out of the weeds and focus on a holistic view of the company.  We are a sounding board for our clients and can encourage them to take a step back, put systems in place, and even show them how to manage employees.  The key is to ask the right questions to get them thinking in a new way, and addressing all aspects of their business.

How important are clarity, confidence and control to your clients?

If we can help the client ask the right questions, and get them the right information, that will help them make a clear decision with confidence, and feel in control.  With the right information a client will be able to make clear decisions with confidence which give them control over their business.