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It’s about your business, your life, and your path to success.

When you first embarked on your journey, all the challenges and pressures of starting a business flooded your head. Now that you’ve grown your business, its future weighs on your shoulders. With success and growth come new challenges and opportunities, and it can be difficult to keep your finger on the pulse of the business. This can be overwhelming and lead you to get lost in the details, focusing all of your energy in the business, rather than on the business.

Each business is different, and so is each individual’s vision for success. What does taking your business to the next level look like to you?

Whatever it may be, our sole purpose as advisors and mentors is to ensure you get there. Imagine working with advisors who understand the importance of investing time to get into the bloodstream of your business, and truly understand your unique needs. By fully immersing ourselves into your business and becoming a part of your team, we can collaborate to implement a meaningful plan that will get you to that next level.

Westcor Construction Ltd.

Bob Robinson, Owner of Westcor Construction, discusses how Stawowski McGill integrate and educate their leadership team.

ULS Maintenance & Landscaping

Steve Wheatcroft, Owner of ULS, on how Stawowski McGill helped turn their business around during a difficult period.

Knifewear/Kent of Inglewood

Kevin Kent, Owner of Knifewear/Kent of Inglewood, on how Stawowski McGill has helped provide the clarity to help grow his business.

Plains Fabrication & Supply

Chester Nagy, Owner of Plains Fabrication & Supply, on how Stawowski McGill helped guide them through building a new facility.