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Josh Ronald, CPA, CMA - Partner

Josh is the go-to guy for small businesses looking to achieve big results. He works closely with clients to build trusted, ongoing relationships, learning about both their professional and personal goals. Josh collaborates with each client to determine the path that will lead to success, and believes in celebrating every accomplishment (not to mention enjoying a laugh or two along the way). His passion for business has him talking about it everywhere from the office to the golf course.

Hailing from Saskatchewan, Josh cheers hard for the Riders, takes ill-advised wagers on his team, and is often heard muttering the words, “There’s always next year.” After graduating from the University of Saskatchewan, Josh received his CMA designation and worked for two years at Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan. In 2006, he relocated to Calgary to join Stawowski McGill. Josh works with clients in a wide range of industries, including oil and gas services, manufacturing, IT, and retail, repeatedly taking them to the next level.

Josh on our core business principles:

What does it mean to bring impact?

It’s really understanding what’s important to the client. Once we understand where the client is trying to go, it’s about moving forward and making progress with them.

How do your five pillars (financial, planning, structure, culture, and leadership) help your clients?

The Five Pillars are areas of the business that you need to work on to get it to a place where it can scale or grow. Over the years, we’ve found that a lot of businesses are not fully developed in each area or haven’t thought about them to the extent they need to. Working on each pillar tends to bring all areas of the business up to the same level as the areas that are working well.

How important are clarity, confidence and control to your clients?

It’s important to first establish a plan with clients to gain the clarity piece. Through that process, it gives them a lot more confidence to take those next steps. Having those two pieces allows clients to feel in control of where they want to go with their business, versus just reacting to what is happening in the marketplace.