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Stan Stawowski, CPA, CA - Partner

Stan believes the meaning of life is to give life meaning. He is driven by helping clients set corporate and personal goals, and pushing them to exceed their expectations. After earning his CA designation, working at a local accounting firm and rising to Senior Manager in just two years, starting his own company in 1983 was a natural progression. With an extensive background in management consulting, tax, and finance, Stan helps business owners at their tipping point to make informed decisions. His commitment to providing value and ability to rise to the occasion has attracted a wide variety of clients looking to take their business to the next level. Whether on the phone with a client, on the hockey rink, or on the dance floor, Stan’s lust for life is contagious.

Stan ensures he has a clear understanding of where clients want their businesses to go before providing options and creating an impactful plan to get them there. His interest in driving businesses forward is linked to his deep commitment to investing in the future – he established SAIT’s Stawowski/SAFA scholarship fund (which provides financial assistance to those returning to school from the workforce), sits on the board of the Breast Cancer Supportive Care Foundation, and strongly believes in bringing opportunities to the younger generation at Stawowski McGill. This forward thinking approach and desire to give back is at Stan’s very core.

Stan on our core business principles:

What does it mean to bring impact?

To me it means giving clients the opportunity to both see and understand their options. Knowing those options are available allows them to follow through and confidently make a decision as to where they want to go.

How important are clarity, confidence and control to your clients?

Clarity comes from modeling scenarios. When you have an idea as to what the consequence of your actions will be, it gives you confidence to make sound decisions. From there, you gain control. Understanding your options is so important.

How do your five pillars (financial, planning, structure, culture, and leadership) help your clients?

Our team members all have a financial background, but the other pieces that flow into that come from your strategy and planning. The culture of your business, how you develop your leadership pipeline, your corporate structure – these are all areas that flow into the financial side of things, and they are all integral parts in getting your business to the next level.